Hair Color

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Pre-lightening is the new, professional term for what we used to refer to as ‘bleaching’. It is the process of removing natural hair colour in order to lighten colour all over and is usually followed with a glaze for blonde hair or a colour change.



Highlights hair colour is a process in which the small streaks of hair get a lighter colour shading. It gives a dramatic effect to the hair and makes it look more attractive and appealing. If the base colour is brown, highlights can give a lighter shade effect to the streaks of hair.


3D Colour

Think of it as adding different shades of light (highlight) and dark (lowlight) colours to create a 3-dimensional effect. It can encompass a broad range of techniques such as Balayage, Foil Highlights and Lowlights, Babylights etc.


Global colour

Global colour - a colouring technique where your hair is coloured with the same colour from root to tip - is one of the trendiest looks you can sport this season.